Wine Packaging Design

Mighty, divine, undisputed mistress of the air, the heraldic symbol par excellence of kings and emperors and synonymous with the victory of good over evil: the eagle. Developing the Prediomagno brand, we were inspired by a contemporary goldsmith’s art jewel owned by the D’Aprile family, owner of the company..

The project of the Prediomagno label line

Prediomagno winery is located on the hills of Basso Monferrato, a land where the art of falconry has been practiced since ancient times. The concept from which we started to develop the line of labels refers to this rooted local tradition and has led to a graphic reinterpretation of the plumage of birds of prey.

The connection with falconry was immediate: practiced since the Middle Ages by nobles and knights but also widespread among the Arabs and nomadic peoples of Central Asia, it is an art of hunting that makes use of different types of birds of prey.

Each wine has been given a different bird and chromatic variations have been studied which contribute to expressing the uniqueness and character of each wine. The intricacies of the liveries are reflected in the labels using the hot foil overprint technique.

The dressing of the bottles was inspired by hawks, buzzards, sparrowhawks, kestrels, kites and, of course, eagles whose different plumages, in terms of shapes and sizes, have become the distinctive character of the labels, product lines, as well as a corporate leitmotif.