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In 2021 Poderi Luigi Einaudi celebrated the 125th anniversary of its foundation. An important anniversary that Matteo Sardagna Einaudi honors by proposing special editions dedicated to Barolo and Dogliani, with the collaboration of a great internationally renowned artist.

packaging bottiglia barolo poderi luigi einaudi
packaging bottiglia barolo poderi luigi einaudi

Stefano Arienti’s style is influenced by poor art; with his distinctive trait it brings to attention the theme of wonder and the participation of the spectator.

The representation of the horse is inspired by the “Sala dei Cavalli” in Palazzo Te (Mantova), a work by Giulio Romano with a symbolic meaning of classical origin in a combination of elegance, balance, pride and strength. The cycle entitled “Cavalli su Colonne, homage to Giulio Romano” (2021) by Airenti is characterized by the creation, with different techniques, of works depicting the profile of an ethereal horse; archetypal figure but, at the same time, a physical presence strongly linked to the soil.